Filming in Filming on location in Seoul

South Korean capital Seoul got an international profile boost with Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was the first major Hollywood production to shoot in the city. Filmmaker Joss Whedon and his team filmed a major action sequence on the ten-lane Mapo Bridge, with close assistance from the Seoul Film Commission.

“We were actually able to spend weeks rehearsing stunts on a nearby motorway that wasn’t yet open and wasn’t enclosed by any kind of building development,” said the film’s Supervising Location Manager Jamie Lengyel.

“That’s not an option that’s readily available in places like Hong Kong. I would think this film will only enhance Seoul’s attractiveness as an international filming location for the right project.”

“Seoul is a very cutting-edge city in real life and is a technologically driven society and they love the notion of us coming to their city and showcasing that,” added Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios and a producer on all the studio’s films.

The Wachowski siblings also filmed scenes for their Netflix drama Sense8 in Seoul as part of a global shoot, while the city was shortlisted as a location for the third in the rebooted Star Trek franchise.

South Korea offers a cash rebate filming incentive of up to 30%. To be eligible for the full support, productions need to spend at least USD 2 million and shoot in the city for ten days. The lower end of the scale is a 20% rebate in exchange for production spending of at least USD 500,000 over three days.

Seoul is the focal point of South Korea’s production industry and offers a dynamic and unfamiliar urban metropolis.