Filming in Filming on location in Seville

Seville is situated in southern Spain and offers an attractive blend of historic architecture and modern infrastructure. Some of its most popular buildings include the 1920s-era Plaza de Espana, Plaza del Triunfo and Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, as well as the Real Alcazar, which is Europe’s oldest inhabited palace.

Throughout its history Seville has absorbed a vast array of different cultures and the modern city has been influenced by Roman, Arab and Jewish heritage. Renaissance and Baroque churches and palaces all jostle for attention and the city’s Old Quarter spans 300 hectares. This part of the city includes the 15th Century Cathedral of Seville and bell tower known as the Giralda, as well as the shaded labyrinthine streets of the Barrio de Santa Cruz.

The amalgamation of different cultures and traditions over the centuries means that the city as a whole can double for global filming locations. Filmmakers can find Arabic heritage, wide historic European boulevards and striking modern architecture.

Modern filming locations include the extensive gardens of Parque de MªLuisa. Designed in the late 1920s, they offer 40,000 square metres of parks that combine European and Islamic traditions in their design. Filmmakers might also be interested in the Fibes II New Conference Center and the Estadio Olimpico, which is Spain’s third-largest stadium with a capacity for 60,000. The city also has a very modern train station, Santa Justa, which has won several awards since opening in 1992 and offers high-speed links to cities across Spain and to the rest of Europe.

Seville has a crew pool of around 300, who between them have experience across the spectrum of production roles, including post-production and visual effects. Filming is popular year-round due to the city’s extensive sunshine, warm summers and mild winters, although springtime is generally busiest from a tourism perspective. The Sevilla Film Office is on hand to assist with location filming and ensure smooth local production.

While Spain doesn’t offer formal filming incentives, discounts are available on location filming permits in Seville, depending on the specific production. Features that predominantly showcase the city and employ local crew and accommodation can get location fees waived altogether, while price reductions are available in other cases for interior filming if by-law conditions are met.

The city has been a popular filming location in recent years, hosting high-profile shoots like Tom Cruise’s Knight & Day and Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator.

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