Filming in Filming on location in South Africa

South Africa has become one of the top production hubs in the southern hemisphere. A generous 20% base filming incentive, a skilled crew pool and flexible locations have all helped attract filmmakers and producers from around the world.

The Western Cape region is one of the country’s top filming locations. Producers have easy access to a subtropical Mediterranean climate that’s especially useful in providing summer weather during the northern hemisphere’s winter months.

Cape Town is the Western Cape’s provincial capital and is the focus of much of South Africa’s production activity. The city is home to Cape Town Film Studios, which offers four sound stages and has hosted the popular US pirate drama Black Sails. Production support is available from the Cape Film Commission.

In recent years Cape Town has attracted an impressive variety of high-profile US shoots, including the terrorism drama Homeland, which relocated to South Africa after several seasons in North Carolina.

Homeland doubled Cape Town for locations around the world, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US. Cape Town has a history of standing in for these kinds of locations, having already fulfilled a similar role for the long-running British action drama Strike Back.

Cape Town has increasingly stood in for US locations like California and the American south-west for shows like rescue drama SAF3 (‘Safe’) and the horror series Dominion. In this sense, South Africa has benefited from California’s prohibitively expensive costs and the limited production support available in the US state for high-end TV dramas.

Johannesburg is also a popular filming location. The city offers Edwardian Baroque and Victorian Colonial architecture that makes the city an easy double for places in Europe and the US. Production support comes from the Gauteng Film Commission.

Production company MJZ filmed an IKEA commercial in the city featuring an actress falling between buildings onto a series of beds. Park Pictures turned part of the business district into a Prohibition-era US city for a Dulux commercial built around a shootout between cops and robbers.