Filming in Filming on location in the Maldives

The Maldives straddle the middle of the Indian Ocean and comprise more than a thousand islands across 90,000 sq km. Two hundred of these islands are inhabited and of these almost half are used as holiday resorts.

Renowned across the world as island paradise environments, the Maldives offer good weather on a year-round basis, sandy beaches, turquoise water and a rich marine world. Producers come here specifically for this scenery and the islands’ proximity to India allows good access to filming equipment. The location allows easier privacy for high-profile talent, while there’s an abundance of high-end pampering available after a long day’s shooting.

Access to the islands is usually through connecting flights via Sri Lanka or destinations in the Middle East. Alternatively charter flights are often available directly to the capital of Male’. Around 30% of the islands’ 360,000 inhabitants live in the capital. Recent productions filming the region include South Africa’s version of Survivor.