Filming in Filming on location in Victoria and southern Vancouver Island

Victoria is the provincial capital of British Columbia in western Canada. The city lies on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, which is separated from the city of Vancouver by the Strait of Georgia.

The region’s architecture has a distinctly European sensibility. Vancouver Island became a British territory in the 1840s, before then joining with British Columbia 20 years later. Filmmakers have access to an urban metropolis, old-growth forests and wild beaches within a short distance of each other.

Victoria has a limited local crew base but the proximity to Vancouver means there is easy access to extensive filming resources via a short ferry ride. This makes it a favourite for big-budget film productions and the locations are frequently used as doubles for places all over the world. The X-Men franchise has been a repeat-visitor and Man of Steel used studio facilities in Vancouver before doubling parts of Vancouver Island for Alaska and the Arctic.

Some of Victoria’s most eye-catching locations include Hatley Castle, which was completed at the turn of the 20th Century, and Craigdarroch Castle, which dates back to the late-19th Century.

Victoria has Canada’s mildest year-round weather conditions, with temperatures rarely falling below freezing and the region getting considerably less rain than Seattle. Production support is available from the Vancouver Island South Film & Media Commission and filmmakers can get financial support from the British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit, which is worth 33% of qualified labour expenditures.