Filming in Filming on location in Warsaw

The Polish capital lies in the east of the country. Its turbulent history means the city has a blend of historic European architecture – the rebuilt remnants of World War II – as well as beautiful parks and gleaming skyscrapers that bring Warsaw into the modern age.

The city has thriving filming industries, with a strong local crew base and specialist equipment available at rates that undercut much of the regional competition as Poland is not part of the eurozone. Connectivity is easy, with Warsaw being within a three-hour flight of most of Europe’s main transport hubs.

Productions visiting Warsaw between May and October can get temperatures of up to 30 Degrees Celsius, while winter lows fall to about -5. In recent years the centre of the city has transformed into a bustling cultural centre of theatres, restaurants and art galleries, with much to offer film productions from around the world.

(Images: Propeller Film)