Filming in Filming on location in Wellington

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and lies on the southern tip of the country’s North Island on the Cook Strait.

The city is very film-friendly and has a strong commercials and film production industry. It’s the base of operations for Peter Jackson’s Wingnut Productions, from where the filmmaker has made the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, as well as his King Kong remake and the more intimate child-murder drama The Lovely Bones.

A deep and experienced crew base has been built up locally, and the city also offers world-class infrastructure spearheaded by Stone Street Studios and visual effects company Weta Digital. Stone Street is equipped for performance-capture production and was used for James Cameron’s groundbreaking Avatar, as well as Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin.

Film Wellington is on hand to support regional location filming and provides an online permitting system.

Wellington Waterfront and the neo-Georgian Wellington Railway Station are among the city’s more popular filming locations. The Putangirua Pinnacles, Mount Crawford Prison, the World War II-era Wrights Hill underground tunnels and the 200-million-year-old Red Rocks are also stand-out local features.

New Zealand offers filming incentive programmes for film and TV productions, and also incentivises local post-production work.