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Filming in Florida

Florida remains an iconic filmmaking destination with commercials, films and television series regularly filmed here for both the English and Spanish language markets. In recent years, Florida has also become increasingly involved in game development for series such as Madden NFL . Even without a state-wide film incentive, the state continues to shine as new content is being produced all platforms from coast to coast.

In the last year, feature films such as Beach Bum starring Matthew McConaughey and Will Smith’s Bad Boys for Life carried out production in Florida while highly anticipated TV series David Makes Man from the Oprah Winfrey Network’s shot in the state.

Productions filmed in Florida benefit from a responsive network of local film commissions and can hire from the third largest talent pool in the United States. Budget wise, a 6% saving on production-related expenditure is applied though the Florida Entertainment Industry Sales Tax Exemption and local Incentives are also available throughout the state.

Local government, private business and locals in the community all embrace and go out of their way to help and accommodate everything that shoots here.”

Tony Armer, St Petersburg- Clearwater Film Commissioner


Florida has two distinct climatic regions, with a sub-tropical south and a warm temperate north.
The main difference between the regions in terms of temperature is the cooler winters. In the north winter temperatures can fall to 5C, while summer temperatures can peak at 32C. In the south winter temperatures do not normally fall below about 15C, with summer temperatures peaking at 32C as in the north.
Florida’s coastal nature helps regulate temperatures. Summer sees the heaviest rainfall, while winter
and spring tend to be much dryer. Central Florida is especially susceptible to thunderstorms and has
more than anywhere else in the US.

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