Filming in Georgia

In an effort to attract international productions, Georgia has introduced a 20% cash rebate, with an additional two to five percent available for productions that include certain aspects of Georgia.

The rebate extends to commercials productions as well as feature films and television shows. A minimum spend of USD250,000 is require for films and TV shows. USD150,000 for everything else.


The Caucasus region – named for the Caucasus Mountains – is not known as a popular international filming location, but this has the potential to change with the launch of a Georgian filming incentive.

Based on the award winning short film of the same name, Marisa Romanov is an American television miniseries that has recently shot in Georgia.

The sound stages of Eastern Europe are the closest competitors to Georgia, offering various filming incentives and skilled crew.

There are many film production companies looking for new and very diverse territories. Low bureaucracy and a film-friendly atmosphere are very important, but without financial incentives the possibility of attracting [a] big number of foreign productions is not possible.

David Vashadze, Head of Exports and Distribution at the Georgian National Film Center


There are two main climate zones in Georgia. The east has a dry continental climate and the west, towards the Black Sea, has a humid sub-tropical climate. There are also a number of micro-climates which result in some interesting fauna and flora.

The Greater Caucasus mountain range protects the country from extreme cold. The main harvest time is between September and October.

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