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Filming in Gibraltar

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Gibraltar’s history and unique geographic position provides an intriguing mixture of locations for filming. Set in the western Mediterranean, Gibraltar has views to the African continent, influence from Spain to the north as well as British cultural connections as an overseas territory.

Gibraltar's most famous feature is the iconic rock formation that is home to the Barbary macaques. The upper rock is a nature reserve for the macques, and is full of hidden gems such as St Michael’s Cave. A tunnel system inside the rock dating from the late 1700’s adds the intriguing mix. Around the peninsula, remnants of Gibraltar's history remain such as the ruins of a Moorish castle and architectural influences ranging from Mediterranean and Moorish inspired, as well as British regency styles in the historic town centre. The port and coastal settings are also available to inspire.

There are no fees for filming on public areas but shoots should liase with the local government who provide film permissions as well as coordinating with local police and transport department on behalf of productions. Alongside regular filming by smaller international crews, larger shoots in Gibraltar include the opening sequence to James Bond’s The Living Daylights, The BBC’s New Tricks, 2013’s El Nino which required large road closures and 2018’s Taxi a Gibraltar.

In addition, Gibraltar is a VAT free destination, and incoming productions can access the high level of  the professionals available in Spain to the north. From the UK, Gibraltar can be reached in under three hours and there is an international airport on the peninsula.


Gibraltar has a sunny, Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. Average temperatures in Winter are 17 Degrees Celsius, and in the summer reach 29 Degrees Celsius.

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