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Filming in Hawaii

Jurassic World continues the dinosaur adventure saga that began with Jurassic Park back in 1993, and is the third sequel in the franchise. Like the first film, the new movie shot its location work in Hawaii. The filmboosted the local economy expenentially, and its sequel is expected to film on location in Spring 2017.

Producers shooting in the state can access filming incentive support of up to 25% and location filming is specifically incentivised for the smaller islands around Oahu. Payments have a per- production cap of USD15 million.

Jurassic World filmed mainly on Oahu and Kauai in the north of the Hawaiian archipelago. The team built exterior sets in jungle locales that suited the needs of the story. Hawaii has had a high-profile few years, with the combination of filming incentives, skilled crew base and easy access helping boost its appeal as an exotic, jungle filming location.

Recent productions have included the new Kong: Skull Island, Aloha and Snowden, while the rebooted TV series Hawaii Five-0 has become a long-term resident.


Hawaii offers two seasons, although not much distinguishes them. Summer runs from May to September and the rest of the year falls into winter. The state is characterised by year-round mild temperatures, with summer highs of about 30C and winter conditions falling to 24C during the day and about 20C at night.

It rains somewhere in the Hawaiian islands every day – the city of Hilo is the wettest in the US with up to 200 inches of rainfall every year. Hurricanes are very rare but tropical storms are more common.

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