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Filming in Hong Kong

One of the biggest appeals of filming on Hong Kong is diversity of locations available that range from the city's skyscrapers, nightlife, temples and markets as well as country parks and beaches which are easy to reach with good transport links.

Hong Kong has a good base of experienced and hardworking professionals that have worked on the large number of overseas shoots that happen in Hong Kong.

A wide array of international productions have been drawn to Hong Kong's unique settings including Godzilla vs Kong, Skyscraper, Doctor Strange, Ghost in the Shell, Geostorm, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Batman: The Dark Knight.

There are no tax incentives, productions benefit from the lack of sales and VAT taxes.  Although the Hong Kong Government offers no formal incentives for international co-productions to shoot, it is very supportive of productions who want to shoot there. It's very easy to arrange shooting in Hong Kong, but for some ‘big asks’ like blocking entire streets, cooperation with the Film Services Office is necessary.


Hong Kong is an efficient place and a well-run city. You don’t need a car in Hong Kong as it has the best infrastructure. We scouted all over the city and Michael Bay said ‘Show me what’s cool’. He liked the variety and the international scope.

Ilt Jones, Supervising Location Manager


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