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Filming in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea to boost creative collaborations. The new MOU is designed to facilitate the flow of ideas, research and training, including within their production industries.

The region continues to attract larger international features. Small portions of filming were completed in Hong Kong for Oliver Stone's Snowden and Marvel's Doctor Strange.

China is also attracting major interest from Hollywood and other audiovisual industries. It seems likely that Hong Kong’s urban landscapes and skilled crew base will benefit from sustained exposure for the foreseeable future.

Although the Hong Kong Government offers no formal incentives for international co-productions to shoot, it is very supportive of productions who want to shoot there. It's very easy to arrange shooting in Hong Kong, but for some ‘big asks’ like blocking entire streets, you have to be well connected with various Government departments through the Film Services Office.

Hong Kong is an efficient place and a well-run city. You don’t need a car in Hong Kong as it has the best infrastructure. We scouted all over the city and Michael Bay said ‘Show me what’s cool’. He liked the variety and the international scope.

Ilt Jones, Supervising Location Manager


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