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Filming in Hungary

Filmmaker Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks brought the latest high-profile feature to Hungary, filming much of the movie adaptation of Dan Brown novel Inferno in Budapest.

The city offers experienced crew and cheaper production costs, supported by a generous filming incentive.

The incentive has been extended through to the end of 2019, which will help the Hungarian production industry compete with its European neighbours on a long-term basis.

Budapest’s historical architecture and ability to double for most European cities have made it an enduringly popular filming location. BBC period drama The Last Kingdom recently shot on location.

World-class filming facilities can be found at the likes of Origo Film Studios and Korda Studios, and have helped sustain Hungary as a central European production hub.

Budapest and Hungary in general ended up doubling for London, Paris, Lisbon, a French chateau, the harbour at Bordeaux, a German ‘schloss’ and the Russian front line. We shot for about ten days in a studio for the interior of Fleming’s flat, which was all built by a hugely talented Hungarian construction team.

Sarah Curtis & Ildikó Kemény, Producers


Hungary has a continental climate with four distinct seasons with a big variation between winter and summer conditions.

During winter, the weather is very cold with a covering of snow for many weeks. The Danube river also freezes over. Spring and early summer are prone to heavy rainfall. Summer temperatures can reach 28C or higher.

Main crops include wheat, corn, sunflowers, potatoes and sugar beets.

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