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Filming in Italy

Italy’s international profile has been on the rise for a number of years thanks to its 30% filming incentive. Most recently, the hilltop town of Matera in Southern Italy featured in dramatic scenes from James Bond's No Time to Die. The city, which previously hosted filming for Wonder Woman, features in an explosive sequence featuring Bond's vintage Aston Martin racing around its narrow roads.

The acclaimed BBC/Netflix co-production I May Destroy You recently shot key scenes for multiple episodes in Bari on Italy’s south-east coast. HBO's Italian language original My Brilliant Friend is set in the outskirts of Naples and mainly films on a purpose built set close to the city.

Italy’s Cinecitta Studios 400,000 square metres of production space remains one of the largest studios in the country and regularly hosts international and Italian productions. Most recently, Michael Bay’s Six Underground and Catch 22 starring George Clooney used the facilities.

18 film commissions work throughout Italy and some oversee regional film funds and incentives. Many foster the growth of international co-productions as well as offering logistic assistance to incoming productions.

Fort Bard is really the location hub of the film. We researched castles across Europe and found that Ford Bard had a great cinematic setting nestled in the mountains. There was a real hint of mystery about what was inside and beneath it, and that worked particularly well for our story.

Jamie Lengyel, Supervising Location Manager on Avengers: Age of Ultron


Italy’s climate is generally temperate. Only rarely does the temperature rise above 40C during the summer or drop below 10C in winter.

Seasons are fairly determinate. Winter is long and cold especially in the northern regions. Spring can be rainy with sunny days. Summer is hot and dry with occasional rain storms while autumn is usually mild with occasional rain.

The northern regions experience chilly winters, hot summers and regular rain distribution, while conditions become milder as you head south. Italy can be divided into three distinct geographical regions: the north, the centre and the south (including Sicily and Sardinia).

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