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Filming in Jamaica

Developing Jamaica’s broader international appeal as a movie location through JAMPRO (Jamaica Film Commission) will be a gradual and long-term goal. This is especially true as the country lacks a truly competitive filming incentive programme, something which is increasingly important as a way of securing big-budget Hollywood features.

Jamaica has a thriving commercials industry, aided in no small way by Usain Bolt who shoots the majority of his advertising campaigns locally. As with many of the world’s sporting stars, commercial producers come to him.

Jamaica offers unparalleled natural beauty, from its bewitching Blue Mountains inland, lush with tropical forest and famous coffee plantations, to Negril’s dramatic caves and rocky cliffs, and the picture perfect beaches of Montego Bay.

Jamaica not only boasts exotic and varied locations, but it also has a talented labour pool and English is widely spoken. Its close proximity to the US mainland also means that equipment can be shipped in easily.

We have a huge diversity of locations and a very strong technical crew base so that visiting productions only need bring their main creatives with them for a shoot – everyone else can be hired locally.”

Carole Beckford, Film Commissioner "We have a huge diversity of


Jamaica has an ideal tropical maritime climate. Coastal temperatures average from 26C to 30C all year round. Temperatures fall steadily with increasing altitude. The Blue Mountains average 18C or more. At the shore days are cooled by warm trade winds.

Cool northerly winds can also blow from December to March when cold fronts that bring colder conditions to Florida can affect Jamaica. The best times for filming are the end of November to March.

The rainy season begins in May or June and can last through to November or December, with the heaviest rains in September and October.

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