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Filming in Japan

Gareth Edwards directed the successful US reboot and will be back for the Godzilla sequel which is scheduled for release in 2018.

Hugh Jackman’s The Wolverine was one of the highest-profile recent Hollywood movie to be mostly set in Japan, but the production ended up filming in and around Sydney.

The Forest starring Natalie Dormer filmed partly in Japan, but ended up doing most of the shoot in Serbia.

High-profile commercial shoots are regular visitors but Japan is an expensive place to film compared to some of its Asian neighbours.

For the global filmmaker, Japan offers a great variety of urban and rural locations, from ancient temples to modernist glass towers.

We were told that we had to avoid Yakuza controlled areas for the shoot as getting permits would be much harder. Originally the script featured the Harajuku district proper, but because it fell under a Yakuza-controlled area we had to move the shoot location to Shinjuku instead.”

Michelle Fung, Producer


Japan’s island climate is influenced by both the sea and the mainland. The climate is generally temperate and divided into four seasons. The exceptions are the colder northerly island of Hokkaido and the subtropical Okinawa region.

The hottest months - June, July and August - are also very humid. It gets particularly hot in the south. Winters in the south are sunny and mild. It is much colder in the north and snow is common.

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