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Filming in Mexico

The country is no stranger to Hollywood, having facilitated some of the most successful productions of all time including Titanic, Pearl Harbour and the opening sequence for James Bond’s Spectre. In close proximity to LA, and with considerable cost savings to made, Mexico remains in high demand. In recent years, AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead and Ryan Murphy procedural series 911 have utilised Baja Studios and aquatic facilities.

The country boasts historical sites, beautiful beaches and colourful cities and welcomes as much advertising production as TV and film work due to the range of locations, technicians and cost savings. A network of 36 offices and film commissions offer logistical services and permits.

The production industry is predominantly based in Mexico City and in 2020 Netflix established its Latin American headquarters there. The region is a high-growth market and there is a growing slate of Spanish and Portuguese original series. The streamers success with Alfonso Cuaron’s three times Academy Award winning Roma undoubtedly boosted the image of Mexico as a production centre after shooting in the country for over a hundred days.

Feature film and TV productions can claim VAT back on all goods and services used in Mexico. This includes wardrobe, make-up, location fees, accommodation, film equipment, catering and crew and equipment transportation.

This type of location and the visual effect of the sulphur layer are unique to the cenotes of Mexico. It’s the best example of the naturally occurring chemical reaction that creates the ‘underwater river’ effect in the world. There was nowhere else we could do it as successfully.

William Williamson, Director


The climate in Mexico is mainly temperate. Average temperatures range from 17C to 30C throughout the year.

The mountains in northern Mexico have recorded sub-zero temperatures and the northern city of Mexicali has reached as high as 52C.

Coastal Mexico and the beaches of the Pacific and the Caribbean average temperatures of between 25C and 35C. The coasts are also at risk of hurricanes during summer and autumn.

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