Filming in Montana

Nestled on the Canadian border towards the north-west corner of the United States, Montana provides scenery to rival many of its fellow states, as well as a mix of urban environments. It’s the fourth-largest state in the union and is about the same size as Germany, but with a population of less than a million.

Filmmakers looking for mountains, valleys and prairies can find suitable options dotted throughout, while the small local population and 16 hours of sunlight during the summer months can make location work that much easier. Montana also offers a mix of classic Americana townships, as well as Old West ghost towns.

To improve its appeal beyond its environmental assets, there’s Montana Film Office’s Studio 406 Incentive Package. This includes a refundable tax credit that’s equal to 14% of the first USD50,000 paid out to each Montana resident, as well as a 9% refundable tax credit for all expenditures within the state excluding labour.

Images courtesy of Montana Film Office.