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Filming in Montenegro

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Montenegro’s small but diverse landscapes range from Mediterranean port towns and sandy beaches to large lakes and Alpine mountains, fjords and pine forests. This “open studio” of locations is accompanied by a sunny Mediterranean climate and competitive costs. Alongside the natural settings there is diverse architecture ranging from ancient roman, medieval, oriental, and socialist era, as well as contemporary hotels and buildings.

Montenegro is a film friendly destination that launched a 25% cash rebate scheme in 2019 and the Film Centre of Montenegro is proactive in growing the industry and accommodating international crews. Over the past decade, Montenegro has welcomed productions ranging from The Brothers Bloom directed by Rian Johnson, Coriolanus directed by Ralph Fiennes, action thriller November Man starring Pierce Brosnan, and Michael Noer’s 2017 adaptation of Papillon. The latest big productions to shoot in Montenegro were heist movie Golden Job in 2018 and Minamata from Andrew Levitas in 2020.

After working in film for over 8 years, my experience working in Montenegro was one of the best production experiences I’ve had to date. Local crew were exceptionally prepared, well organized and an all-around pleasure to work with. They made preproduction a breeze and even with the time difference, talent and crew were afforded every resource they needed before we arrived and while we were at the ground.   

Roan Bibby, Producer, New York City, NY


The coastal areas of Montenegro enjoy a Mediterranean climate with warmer and drier season from June to August. Inland the continental regions have colder winters, where there is more rainfall. Snowfall is also frequent in the winter months. In the capital Podgorica the average temperatures range from 9 Degrees Celsius in January to 32 degrees Celsius in Summer.

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