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Filming in Morocco

Morocco is a hugely popular international filming location and one of the top spots in the world for desert settings. Nearly 40 foreign productions shot in Morocco in 2014 spending a collective USD120 million – more than the previous five years combined.

The North African country offers a VAT exemption for goods and services bought by foreign production companies, and the local crew are experienced and well versed in big-budget filmmaking.

Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation was a high-profile recent visitor and closed part of the Casablanca- Agadir highway for key action sequences involving car and motorcycle chases.
Morocco also stood in for Afghanistan in Todd Phillips's War Dogs.

The BBC has been a regular visitor with productions like family adventure Atlantis and biblical drama The Ark. Political miniseries The Honourable Woman decided on a Morocco shoot when Jordan became a security risk during their specific shoot window. American shows have included Tut, set during the short reign of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Morocco faces international competition from places like Malta, Croatia and the United Arab Emirates, but is already an established favourite.

Wherever one shoots, the important thing is to find good local creative and technical talent, and an honest and fair service company. Morocco has all that and more.

Jules Hussey, Producer on The Ark


The climate in Morocco is very regional. The coast has a warm, Mediterranean climate but with south-west trade winds on the eastern coast. Inland it is a hotter and drier continental climate.

The south is hot and dry for most of the year, although it can get very cold at night. The mountains are cooler. Rain falls from November to March in the coastal areas.

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