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Filming in New Mexico

New Mexico is the main US option for productions seeking cost- effective desert locations. The state offers a generous 25% filming incentive that rises to 30% for TV. The increased TV incentive was prompted by the huge success of acclaimed crime drama Breaking Bad, and the prequel series Better Call Saul (above) recently filmed its third series locally as well.

Roland Emmerich’s long-gestating alien invasion sequel Independence Day: Resurgence has been one of the biggest movies to shoot in New Mexico recently.

Albuquerque is the state’s main production hub and offers Albuquerque Studios, one of the state’s main filming facilities with nine separate sound stages. Other recent productions in New Mexico have included the sequel to Dennis Villeneuve's Sicario and Hugh Jackman's final stint as the iconic Wolverine, Logan.

The state now faces greater competition from California’s boosted film tax credit.

I’m beyond excited to bring the sequel to Independence Day to New Mexico. With their state-of-the-art Albuquerque Studios, the robust tax incentive programme, the proximity to Los Angeles and last but not least its talented cast and crew make New Mexico a great fit for any movie.

Roland Emmerich, Director


Conditions in New Mexico range from arid to semi-arid. Winter temperatures generally reach about 13C in southern and central parts of the state, while the north experiences colder conditions of about 2C. July temperatures across the state reach between 26C and 33C.

New Mexico gets almost 50% of its annual rainfall in mid-summer during July and August, so thunderstorms are also common during these few weeks. Rainfall increases with elevation. The mountains in the northern parts of the state get as much as 100 inches of snow every year - ten times more than Albuquerque.

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