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Filming in New York

New York maintains its status as one of the top production hubs in the US. It's currently the second busiest in terms of production jobs, wages and number of productions.

The state offers a network of studio facilities, a skilled crew base and a generous filming incentive programme. The state offers production, post-production and commercial tax credit programmes. The production incentive alone provides USD420 million per year in credits of 25% of qualified spend,  still significantly more than California. An additional USD25 million fund supports post-production work and up to USD7 million for commercial productions.

New York specifically incentivises location filming in upstate areas beyond the iconic surrounds of New York City and its boroughs. The state has one of the best networks of local and regional film offices in the country. Most recently A Quiet Place 2 and HBO's Watergate have filmed in upstate New York.

There are more than 120 soundstages throughout the state of varying sizes. Currently under development are Steiner Studios in Sunset Park, Brooklyn which will provide another 500,000 square foot production hub.

Shooting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 in upstate New York is proving to be a great experience and we are thankful to the city for its warm welcome. Buffalo has provided the perfect backdrop to shoot some exciting action scenes and we are thrilled to be getting things underway.

Lee Rosenthal, President of Physical Production at Paramount Pictures


New York is humid and continental with three main climatic regions comprising the south-east lowlands, the Great Lakes Plain and the uplands. The lowlands generally have warmer temperatures, while the uplands have colder winters and the Great Lakes Plain has some of the heaviest snowfall in the whole of the US.

The state is affected by cold, dry wind that comes in from the north-west and a contrasting warm and humid air mass that arrives from the south-west. Typical temperatures in New York City range from 8C to 17C, while temperatures in far-northern areas can fall to -25C in the winter. Rainfall is evenly spread.

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