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Filming in Nigeria

Nigeria might have a booming local industry, fondly known as Nollywood, but it has yet to tempt the international filmmaker.

It is widely recognised that its industry will only develop when local theatrical releases become the norm, rather than the current straight-to-video or DVD distribution method, a system controlled by dubious market traders.

Local filmmakers have joined forces under the banner FamCorp to try and change this situation.
Theatrical releases will lead to higher revenue streams, which will in turn lead to higher production values and investment in developing crew, equipment and facilities.

Only when this improved level of infrastructure is in place will international productions take note.
Nollywood will then be more like Bollywood, an industry the Nigerians much admire.

It was incredibly difficult to shoot in Nigeria in the end. There hadn’t been a film of this scale in Nigeria before, so there was not that much infrastructure to support the filming, which just proved kind of complex.

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Actor


Nigeria has a tropical climate with a wet and a dry season. The wet season lasts from April to October. The wettest month is June, particularly on the east coast. The coolest month is August with an average daytime temperature of 21C.

The dry season runs from November to March when it is much hotter. Average temperatures in February and March reach 33C. The Harmattan wind from the Sahara makes the north-eastern areas even hotter.

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