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Filming in Norway

The Norway Film Institute now offers a 25% cash rebate on all locally incurred costs for both domestic and international productions. The required minimum spend to qualify varies between production types but is currently set at NOK25 million for feature films.

Thanks to the new incentive, Norway was able to take home USD24 million from The Snowman and Downsizing. The presence of these two production accounted for 142 new jobs with a total of USD12.7 million in payroll expenses.

Dramatic natural vistas and spectacular fjords are Norway’s obvious international selling points. However, the country faces stiff competition from the likes of Iceland and New Zealand, both of which have offered more cost-effective alternatives over the past few years, as well as more crew with direct experience of large-scale studio production.

A new regional film fund entitled Zefyr has launched in Norway to cover productions filming on location in the southern and westernmost areas of the country. The fund has been established by merging the Filmkraft Fond and Film Fund Fuzz, providing an easier method of access to subsidies within the region.

Norway doubles brilliantly for the Colorado Rockies, Canada and Alaska. It felt a bit like Scotland, where I’m from, but Scotland on super drugs. It’s incredible; these vertical hills, waterfalls everywhere and deep, deep fjords and sea lochs.

Andrew Macdonald, Producer on Ex Machina


Despite its northern latitude, Norway’s coastline has a temperate climate due to the moderating effects of the Gulf Stream.

Winter weather on the coast is characterised by high winds and heavy rains. Further inland temperatures fall and conditions become arctic, although temperatures can still climb during the summer months.

The average annual temperature is about 6C and temperatures range from about -7C in winter to 22C in summer. Winters see heavy inland snow. The sun doesn’t set during the summer months north of the Arctic Circle and during the winter it is perpetually twilight.

Art and set construction departments are also very good quality but can be expensive. There are also good studio, back lot and post-production facilities available.

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