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Filming in Ontario

Toronto remains the top production hub in Canada, and also one of the central filming locations in the whole of North America. The city offers world-class facilities, including Pinewood Toronto Studios, an experienced crew base and generous filming incentives.

The province enjoyed a particularly profitable year as foreign production activity increased by 49% in 2016. The surge could be attributed to such high-profile productions as Star Trek: Discovery and the NBC television series, Taken.

Ontario also saw a huge boost of investment while hosting Suicide Squad. Filmed almost entirely in Toronto, the movie operated on a budget of USD175 million and visited a number of locations throughout the city.

Because Defiance is a very complex and ambitious endeavour, we wanted to make sure that production not be too far away from the producers and UCP and Syfy creative executives. Toronto became our top option because UCP already has a large presence there with our series Covert Affairs and Suits. We knew we could protect the show with our established infrastructure and control of costs.

Randi Richmond, Universal Cable


Ontario has four seasons, each with its own distinct characteristics. Precipitation comes in a variety of forms, but is uniformly distributed from one season to the next.

Summers in Ontario are warm with several stretches of hot, humid and hazy weather. Autumn brings mainly warm, sun-filled days and pleasantly cool temperatures at night. Winters in Ontario can last anywhere from three to five months whereas spring is the shortest season of the year.

In Toronto, the average January temperature is -4.5C and the July average is 21.1C.

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