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Filming in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has recently featured in two major feature films, M. Night Shyamalan's Split and the Golden Globe winning Fences.

Being so close to New York, Pennsylvania is well connected to other major production hubs. The state boasts an array of untouched locations that are film-friendly.

Pennsylvania’s 25% filming incentive can be accessed when at least 60% of the budget is spent locally. The programme even extends to commercials productions alongside features and TV shows.

Having been born and raised there (Pennsylvania) – and knowing the creative setting of this show is rural Kentucky and knowing Pittsburgh and its crews and the tax credits, that’s all part of the formula – I knew it would be a very good place to base it.

Ed Lammi, Sony Pictures TV


Pennsylvania lies fully in the humid continental zone of the US, but the state’s warmest temperatures are felt in the south-east and the south-west, which are the lowest-lying regions. The lowlands of the Monongahela and Ohio valleys have warm summers, while conditions around the state’s north-west are more moderated by Lake Erie.
Normal temperatures in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh range from 7C to 18C, while conditions in northern areas are slightly lower. Rainfall is even throughout the state but the north gets more snow, with Erie sometimes getting April snowstorms. Tornadoes can affect the state between May and July.

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