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Filming in Peru

Contrary to what many people believe, Peru is not all about the Andes, lamas and Incas. The country has desert and jungles and a good mix of traditional and modern architectural styles. A desert coastal strip of over 3,000 kilometres runs the length of the country from north to south along the Pacific Ocean.

Filming infrastructure is not that comprehensive yet and is still mainly focused on servicing TV commercials and a few feature films a year. There is however, a good bilingual crew base and local talent for any drama reconstructions.


The southern coast of Peru is one of the driest regions in the world and sunshine and warm temperatures prevail throughout the year.

The central and northern coasts have more distinct seasons and summer runs from December to March. The central coast is hot with clear skies, while on the northern coast summer is humid and occasionally experiences tropical rains.

The seasons in the highlands and rainforest are separated into wet, from November to April, and dry, from May to October. In the highlands the wet season brings heavy but infrequent rains and slightly milder temperatures, while the dry season consists of dry clear days and cooler temperatures at night.

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