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Filming in The Philippines

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The Film Location Incentive Programme (FLIP) is a 20% cash rebate on qualified expenses in the country capped at PHP10 million. FLIP is for foreign productions that are line produced by a Filipino services company. The International Co-Production Fund (ICOF) funds up to PHP10 million for foreign or Filipino initiated feature films looking to co-produce with a Filipino producer. In January 2021 the ACOF Fund launched providing co-productions with ASEAN countries up to PHP 7.2 million.

With the new incentives in place there may be a larger share of international production heading to the Philippines. The capital Manila does occasionally host major shoots, often involving high-octane sequences that show off the capital’s bustling streets.

The Bourne Legacy, starring Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weiss, put the Philippines on the map as a filming location. 2016 Korean feature Master, about a South Korean financial crime unit who launches a manhunt for a con-man, took in Manila’s electric skyline with dramatic rooftop shots. In 2019 General Commander, starring Steven Seagal as a GRS operative who goes after a notorious criminal, chose downtown Manila as the location for its climactic scenes.

The Philippines' natural beauty is also attracting production outside of the capital. Almost Paradise, a 2020 series starring Christian Kane as an ex-DEA agent, was shot entirely on the island of Cebu. HBO Asia’s Food Lore also did a location shoot on an island where a colourful festival is held on the beach front. With more than seven thousand tropical islands to choose from there is sure to be one suited for any and every type of production.

Lush tropical jungles, towering mountains and tranquil beaches are only part of what is on offer in the Philippines. Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Buddhist architecture and culture co-exists with a modern world of skyscrapers and neon.



   MASTER (2016, South Korea)

   HBO FOOD LORE (2019)



The Philippines has a tropical climate but is cooled by constant sea breezes. The rainy season lasts from June until September. It is cool and dry from October to February and hot and mainly dry from March to May. Typhoons can occur from June to September. Daytime temperatures have an average high of 37C and an average low of 27C. Night temperatures are much cooler.

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