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For those looking for the best tax incentive in Southeast Asia and hoping that the Philippines would have hopped on the bandwagon to compete financially with the likes of Malaysia and Thailand, you will be disappointed. Despite previous efforts including an announcement in May 2014 by Senator Juan Edgardo Angara that a 20-40% tax rebate was on the way, no such programme has ever been written into law.

Lush tropical jungles, towering mountains and tranquil beaches are only part of what is on offer in the Philippines. Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Buddhist architecture and culture co-exists with a modern world of skyscrapers and neon.


The Philippines has a tropical climate but is cooled by constant sea breezes. The rainy season lasts from June until September. It is cool and dry from October to February and hot and mainly dry from March to May. Typhoons can occur from June to September. Daytime temperatures have an average high of 37C and an average low of 27C. Night temperatures are much cooler.

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