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Filming in Poland

Poland has become a popular international filming location, particularly for Bollywood shoots like Salman Khan’s action thriller Kick that shot in Warsaw in 2015. India and Poland made a location filming co-production agreement in 2012, which facilitates local filming.

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks filmed on location in Wroclaw in the south-east of the country for the Cold War drama Bridge of Spies. The city doubled for Berlin.

Krakow offers a regional film fund of EUR500,000 annually which helps to bring in numerous features, including the award-winning In Darkness, commercials and TV shows each year.

There is also an efficient network of regional film offices (six commissions and ten regional film funds) working with Film Commission Poland.


Focus: Malopolska (Lesser Poland)

Malopolska Region with the Royal Capital City of Krakow is a land of diversity. Enjoy the ancient forests, castles, mansions and manor houses; the expanses of market squares and the narrow streets; pristine landscape and amazing mines, mountains and rivers, lakes and fields, and even Europe’s only desert.

We are very pleased with the co-operation of the Polish crew who exhibited a high level of professionalism. We are also very impressed by the talent and skills of the Polish actresses.

Eric Altmayer, Producer on Agnus Dei


Poland’s climate is continental. Winters are very cold with temperatures ranging from zero to -20C inland. Summers are hot with average daytime temperatures of between 21C and 32C. Rainfall occurs mainly during the fall with possible heavy snowfall in the winter.

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