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Filming in Poland

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Poland launched a 30% cash Rebate in 2019, providing reimbursement for feature films, animations, documentaries and series with a maximum support of PLN15 million per project. In the first year of its operation the fund supported 10 international projects and 16 national ones. So far German productions have been the biggest users from international companies such as World War II miniseries The Turncoat and apocalyptic series Sloborn, which shot over half its planned shooting days in Poland.

The country is a popular choice for productions looking to double much of central Europe at a competitive price. Incoming shoots include Steven Spielburg’s World War II drama Bridge of Spies and Claire Denis’ High Life starring Robert Pattinson. In 2019 Warning, a sci-fi starring Alex Pettyfer, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Rupert Everett set in the near future Earth shot in Warsaw.

There are seven film commissions to help facilitate shoots across Poland.

Animation, VFX & post production are a strong part of the Polish industry. 10% of the annual fund is ring fenced for animation projects and Polish companies have credits including the animated prologue to 2017’s Wonder Woman. Rambo: Last Blood also carried out some VFX and CGI with Polish Studio.

We are very pleased with the co-operation of the Polish crew who exhibited a high level of professionalism. We are also very impressed by the talent and skills of the Polish actresses.

Eric Altmayer, Producer on Agnus Dei


Poland’s climate is continental. Winters are very cold with temperatures ranging from zero to -20C inland. Summers are hot with average daytime temperatures of between 21C and 32C. Rainfall occurs mainly during the fall with possible heavy snowfall in the winter.

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