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Filming in Russia

The sheer size of Russia can seem daunting, particularly from an international perspective, but there are plenty of well-trained production service companies within the country that can help you make sense of it.

In late 2019 a selective rebate was launched with provides 30-40% of expenses incurred in Russia dependent on the amount spent, days of production and numbers of Russian crew involved.

International productions have made use of Russia’s wild landscapes and various locations that range from large soviet buildings and monuments to palaces and byzantine buildings. In 2017 Keanu Reeves shot a portion of Siberia in Russia to supplement filming done in Canada. HBO miniseries Catherine the Great and Tom Harper’s War and Peace both came to Russia for its large palaces that could not be doubled in the primary filming base of Lithuania.

Moscow and St Petersburg are the largest production centres where the majority of large studios complexes can be found. There are also film commissions that can provide assistance in obtaining permits and selecting suitable filming locations across the country.

Siberia was chosen for various reasons. Although the winter climate and snowfall makes running trains undeniably tough in both Alaska and Siberia, in Russia we could travel to the northernmost point in the world reachable by train.”

Alyona Pimanova, Munro Productions


The Russian Federation is a vast country spanning nine time zones so it naturally experiences a huge range of weather conditions.

Its climate is mainly continental, but with arctic conditions in the north. The further east you go the more severe the conditions become. Siberia has long and bitterly cold winters, and has recorded an astonishing low of -71C.

The south has hot summers, high rainfall and cold winters. Spring and autumn are mild and dry.

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