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Filming in Saskatchewan

It may not match Vancouver or Montreal for the level of international production activity it sees, but Saskatchewan offers great locations and studio space.

However, its 55% tax credit on eligible labour shut down in 2012 amid huge controversy.

Saskatchewan straddles central Canada, shares a border with the US and is home to less than
1.1 million people. Around 200,000 live in the provincial capital of Regina.

It’s renowned for its prairies and is also home to the state-of-the-art Canada Saskatchewan Production Studios in Regina. The facility offers four stages covering nearly 30,500 square feet.

Most Saskatchewan residents live in the southern third of the region, while boreal forests and sand dunes can be found in the north.

It has the distinction of being the sunniest territory in Canada, which could be a deciding factor for filmmakers.

It was a joy working in Saskatchewan. The enthusiasm, hard work and good spirit of the crew made my experience pleasurable and memorable.

Terry Gilliam, Director


Saskatchewan summers are typically warm, dry and rich with sunshine and endless blue skies. Temperatures from May to August range from 20ºC to the mid 30s. Autumn brings warm days, cool nights and colours of gold and green throughout the province.
By December, the winter sunshine and clear skies moderate the effect of the cooler temperatures even when they drop to the -20C range. In March, warmer days end the winter chill with the onset of spring. The growing season generally lasts from mid-May to mid-September or the start of October.

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