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Filming in Seychelles

The Seychelles in the western Indian Ocean want to secure more Bollywood film shoots with the launch of a new direct flight route to Mumbai. Flights by Air Seychelles will leave Mumbai for the archipelago four times a week.

Strong access links are a good way to boost production by making it easier for producers and talent to physically get to a filming location. In 2014, Abu Dhabi made a similar move by launching a direct flight route to Los Angeles, in a bid to attract more Hollywood producers.

The Seychelles are perfect for those looking for small romantic hotels and a relaxed atmosphere for their productions.

The sea and underwater worlds are a huge draw for filmmakers as well as the famous granite stones, exotic beaches and jetties. There are also ultra-modern private houses which are often available for shoots.

Overall, filmmakers can enjoy a wonderfully safe and friendly shooting environment.

As a popular gateway to India, we have optimised our schedule to offer seamless two-way connections from Mumbai to cities such as Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad, simplifying the travel options for both inbound and outbound passengers.

Manoj Papa, Air Seychelles’ Chief Executive Officer


The Seychelles have a tropical climate and all but the southern tip lies outside the cyclone belt. It has a fairly constant temperature all year ranging from 24C to 32C. The monsoon rains fall between November and April, with the calm north-west trade winds, when it is hotter and humid. It is cooler and dryer between May and October when the trade winds blow from the south-east.

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