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Filming in Slovakia

In just a small area, Slovakia offers many natural options as well as buildings of historical value, with good travel connections and importantly, with only short distances between. Slovakia has borders with industry giants the Czech Republic and Hungary, as well as Austria, Ukraine and Poland, but it’s  180 castles and ruins, 1,200 manor houses and mansions, and majestic mountain ranges does attract international production activity.

Thanks to the 33% Slovak Audiovisual Fund started in 2014 foreign filmmakers have increasingly returned to Slovakia. High-end TV series have shot in the country including the BBC Netflix co-production Dracula filmed at one such castle. Other recent productions include Amazon's Hanna. International features to have shot in Slovakia include Out Stealing Horses, based on the story of a man who retires to solitary life in the Norwegian woods and Red Sparrow which was drawn to the country's remaining socialist architecture.

The majority of equipment rental companies are situated in Bratislava. The latest grip equipment, generators, cameras, sound equipment, light equipment and cranes are available in Slovakia but equipment can easily be picked up in neighboring countries with large filming infrastructure such as the Czech Republic, Hungary or Austria.


Slovakia has a typical European continental climate.

The moderate climatic zone, with changing four seasons, average temperature in winter -2C. The coldest month is Januray and it is coldest in the High Tatras area. In summer the average 21C the warmest months are July and August and the warmest areas is the Danubian Lowland. In some mountain ranges the snow remains on average 130 days per year.

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