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Filming in Slovenia

Anonymous Content recently filmed on location in Slovenia for a new live-action campaign promoting Game of War: Fire Age, a top-selling mobile game.

Ireland was considered as a filming location for the eight-day shoot, as were the Eastern European production hubs in Prague and Croatia, but Slovenia won on cost grounds.
After putting it to a vote in September 2016, the Slovenian Government has agreed to go ahead with implementing a 25% cash rebate designed to stimulate the domestic film industry and entice foreign productions to film on location. Commercials productions and TV sitcoms are excluded from eligibility, but feature films, TV series and documentaries can apply.

Production in Slovenia has remained constant over recent years despite an uncertain local economic climate.
Peaceful and quiet, it has an abundance of fairy tale lakes, majestic Alps, glacial valleys, forests and the mysterious Karst Caves.

Any crew or equipment you can't find can easily be brought in from Slovenia’s neighbours Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia where major technical rental facilities and labs are available.

Slovenia was in fact recommended by our director Gary Shore. He’d filmed there before, but there was also a cost issue.

Nik Traxler, Head of Production for Untitled Worldwide


Slovenia has four distinctive seasons and three climates. The middle of the country has a continental climate with warm, dry summers and cold winters.

The southern and coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate. There is an alpine climate in the mountains with snow even in late spring and early autumn.
Temperatures in January average at zero in the north with cold winds and heavy snowfall. Winters in the south are much warmer with only a small chance of snow.

Summer daytime temperatures average between 20C and 25C but can reach 30C.

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