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Filming in Taiwan

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan has a range of luscious landscapes. The east of the Island has the fertile East Rift Valley, spectacular gorges, and sea cliffs. To the West are cities and harbours where Eastern and Western cultures have integrated.

In the north, the capital Taipei is surrounded by mountains and cut through by rivers, the city boasts of a diverse landscape from futuristic architectures, historic sites, to volcanic national park covered in cherry blossoms.

Taiwan can be characterised as also one of the most inclusive and welcoming Asian metropolises, where freedom of expression is protected, and censorship is prohibited. It is the only Asian county rated “open in space for civil society” according to the Civicus Global Report.

Although it is one of the busiest cities in Asia, Taipei is an efficient place to work due to a well-functioning traffic system. Cultural activities and creative talents also thrive in Taipei and it has seen several major international coproductions, including Silence by Martin Scorsese and Lucy by Luc Besson, Wet Season by Anthony Chen, and Dead and Beautiful by David Verbeek. International filmmakers can not only expect professional services from local major studios and film crews, but also support from public funds.

In addition to the up-to-30% cash rebate provided by central government, in 2018 Taipei Film Commission launched Taipei Film Fund, the first governmental funding scheme in Taiwan to target international co-production or co-financed film and TV projects. In 2021, Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) launched Taiwan International Co-Funding Program (TICP). Together with the location and marketing services provided by Taipei Film Commission, shooting in Taipei City has never been so easy.

Taiwan is still one of my most memorable productions thus far. Not only did we have a great team, but the country had so much to offer. It was a real adventure to shoot there.

Petek Sketcher, Photographer


Taiwan is warm all year round with a sub-tropical climate in the north and tropical climate in the south.

Taipei is a subtropical city that is mostly warm and humid throughout the year. May and June are the Monsoon season whereas typhoons tend to happen between July and September. The temperature peaks between June and August at about 35℃ and rarely drops below 13℃ in the winter.

The spring season lasts from March to May and sees many flowers blooming in the mountains. The rainy season runs from April to May. Summers, from June to September, are usually hot and humid. Typhoons only reach the island occasionally.

During the autumn between October and November the weather is calm and cool. Short, mild winters last from December to February and see scattered snowfall on the peaks.

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