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Filming in Tanzania

Tanzania has maintained political stability since achieving independence from Britain in the early 1960s and uses the legal system of English Common Law.

It is more than twice the size of California with a coastline of nearly 1,500 km. The terrain is made up of plains along the coast, a central plateau and highlands in the north and south.

Tanzania's national parks are the most popular locations for film crews. Places like the Serengeti National Park are home to 20% of Africa’s large mammal population and wildlife documentary teams abound.

Apart from the national parks and the exceptional wildlife locations they offer, Tanzania has an interesting diversity of locations from the colonial architecture and beach resorts of Zanzibar to agricultural and industrial locations.

But Tanzania’s not really set up for studio filming or post-production facilities. Pre-production lead-in times are also long.


Tanzania has a tropical climate and is hot all year. The coast is more humid while the central plateau is drier.

The north has two wet seasons, from March to May, and then again from November to December. The rest of the country has one wet season from November to May. Most travel to Tanzania in January and February to avoid the heavy rains and hottest temperatures.

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