Filming in Tasmania

Situated 150 miles off the south-east coast of the Australian mainland, Tasmania is a province of the country and has a very low international profile. It’s a shame because it has a lot to offer for location filming, especially in terms of wild space, as nearly 40% of it is designated national park.

Tasmania has a temperate climate and 16 hours of sunlight a day during the Australian summer in January and December, which could be a big plus for filmmakers interested in working on location. Despite the main island being just shy of 25,000 square miles, you’ll find rainforests, mountains and white sandy beaches all available, alongside Edwardian and Georgian architecture.

The province doesn’t have regular international flight connections, but Hobart’s airport is one of the fastest-growing in Australia and connects regularly with other domestic cities. Hobart offers some filmmaking infrastructure, with Screen Tasmania listing five local production companies, as well as Goodwood Studios, offering 360 square metres of studio space.

Images courtesy of Screen Tasmania and Loic Le Guilly.