Filming in Tenerife

The largest of the Canary Islands - forming part of Spain - Tenerife is perhaps best known as a tourist destination, but its audiovisual industry is thriving, with nearly 100 different projects filmed there every year. Its profile sky-rocketed last year as it became one of the main locations for fantasy epic Clash of the Titans.

Filmmakers have an astonishingly rich variety of locations to choose from, especially given the island’s small size. Dramatic volcanic landscapes, thick forests, desert environments and traditional fishing villages are all on offer within just 2,000 square kilometres.

There’s an average annual year-round temperature of 23 Degrees Celsius, while the island’s 3,000 hours of sunshine each year are a major hook for filmmakers looking for reliable and consistent weather conditions. What’s more, there’s a myriad of accommodation options and an impressive filmmaking infrastructure, with good value for money available through the Canary Islands Special Tax Zone.