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Filming in Trinidad & Tobago

The Caribbean nation is one of the richest in the region and offers
a generous filming incentive programme with a growing pool of production professionals.

Trinidad has a more cosmopolitan feel, while Tobago is the smaller and quieter of the two islands.

Both islands offer an eclectic mix of mountainous and jungle terrain. There are also pristine coastlines, charming fishing villages and multicultural sites.

There are established air routes between the islands and North America and Europe, and there are excellent hotels including the big names like Hilton, Holiday Inn, Marriott and Hyatt Hotel.

Trinidad & Tobago’s Production Expenditure Rebate Programme provides cash rebates up to 35% for expenditures accrued while filming on the twin islands and an additional 20% purely for local labour hired.

The co-operation from the people in Trinidad and Tobago was wonderful. Their film people are very knowledgeable and their attitude is great. The equipment we needed was readily available and the talent was also found in Trinidad.”

Louis LaMonte, Director


Trinidad & Tobago has a tropical maritime climate, with the weather at its warmest between June and October. During the summer temperatures can reach 34C, while winter conditions are slightly cooler, dipping to about 20C during January and February. The average annual temperature normally falls between 25C and 29C.
The coastal climate is moderated by trade winds coming from the ocean. The country gets about 40 inches of rainfall annually – often concentrated during the second half of the year – and this is evenly distributed. Trinidad & Tobago lies slightly south of the region’s hurricane belt.

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