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Filming in Uganda

Uganda doesn’t have a high international profile as a filming location, but it has no shortage of astounding sights for producers looking for something more off the beaten track.

The Mountains of the Moon (also known as the Rwenzori Mountains), Lake Victoria, the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the Murchison Falls National Park are among the sights on offer.

Disney's The Queen of Katwe has been the highest-profile international shoot to visit in recent years, but the country’s also been a double for less stable African countries like Congo and Rwanda.

Visiting international productions have played a part in helping local crews gain experience, as has the country’s general economic growth in recent years. Any equipment lacking can be imported without taxation, which is another incentive for filmmakers.


Uganda has a tropical climate and the temperatures stay much the same throughout the year, hovering between 21C and 25C.

The country has mountains in the eastern and western regions where conditions can be cooler and Mount Elgon is often snow-capped. Wet and dry seasons are the most dramatic in terms of seasonal change.

The north-east is semi-arid all year around and the rest of the country has dry seasons between December and February, and also from mid-June to mid-August.

March to May and then September to November are rainy seasons, with April being the wettest month of the year.

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