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Filming in Washington

Qualifying productions filming in Washington can access a 30% cash rebate, although the annual cap is USD3.5 million.

Regardless, the filming industries will be happy to be able to compete on some level, as they feel they need to offer something to productions that would otherwise choose neighbouring regions like Oregon.

It was a setback for Washington to lose most of the filming for the Twilight series, despite the story’s principal setting being Forks, near Seattle.

More recently the state lost high-profile homicide procedural The Killing to British Columbia when the future
of the incentive looked uncertain.

Seattle is a visually stunning city with interesting architecture and lush foliage. The setting gave the film a richness that added irony to the main character’s despair.

Hagai Shaham, Producer


The Cascade Range runs through Washington State and creates two broad climatic conditions. West of the mountains an oceanic climate dominates. Conditions are mild and humid with summer temperatures peaking at 26C and winter temperatures rarely falling below 8C.

This part of the state gets the most rainfall, while fog and cloud cover is also commonplace. East of the Cascades the climate is semi-arid. Winters are cooler and summers hotter. In the Cascades themselves winter temperatures can fall as low as
-13C and annual snowfall is among the heaviest in the country.

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