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Filming in Yukon

Yukon straddles the Arctic Circle in north-west Canada, with British Columbia to the south and the US state of Alaska to the west.

There’s a limited crew base and a series of incentive programmes for TV shows, features and documentaries. Yukon’s Film Location Incentive offers a 25% rebate on local spend or a Travel Rebate of up to USD15,000 covering the cost of travel from either Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver.

The province is a wilderness territory that’s home to over 33,000 people, the vast majority of whom live in the capital Whitehorse, in the south. Whitehorse is occasionally used as a filming location, but more often than not it’s a convenient hub to get all the supplies for a shoot.

It’s also worth noting that no filming permits are needed.


Yukon crews have staffed productions from documentaries and commercials to feature films and television series. They are also skilled in production work in extreme environments and weather.

For the most part, Yukon crew are non-union. Unionised crews can be brought in if really necessary. They are represented by the Northern Film and Video Industry Association, which is made up of a large complement of experienced film crew and service providers.



The Yukon climate is sub-arctic and semi-arid. Summers are warm with temperatures higher than 25C.

Summer days are long with 24-hour daylight in June and July.

Winters are cold with very short days. Winter temperatures in the south average between 4C and
-50C. Further north, temperatures get even lower.

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  • Average daily sunlight

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