The makers & shakers Awards recognise and honour ground-breaking ideas and initiatives from players across the spectrum of the global creative screen industry.

The awards are brought to you by The Location Guide , makers magazine and FOCUS.

All entries are FREE and you can nominate yourself or someone you’ve worked with. Professionals from across the world’s advertising, TV, film, animation, and gaming sectors are encouraged to enter.


The Outstanding Creative Use of a Location

The prize will be awarded to a location manager / supervising location manager and their team, and will honour the creative use and management of a single location in a film, TV movie, TV series, episode, advertisement or short form which has created an on-screen memorable impact while inspiring peers.

Film Commission Initiative Of The Year

To be awarded to a film commission, film office, film commissioner and their team. Excluding official cash/tax rebate or credit schemes, we are looking for an initiative from a local, regional or national film commission which has made a significant impact on their territories and created an interesting proposition for film, TV movie, TV series, episode, advertisement or short form.

Production Tech Innovation Of The Year

This will be awarded to an individual, a tech start-up or a tech company. We are looking for the creation of a game changer in the way the industry produces, using new technology applied to workflow, communication, finance or distribution.

Initiative To Grow Local Industry of the Year

To be awarded to a trade association, a government organisation or a private company. We are looking for a new and special initiative from a local, regional or national organisation which was introduced to benefit the community and expand the local talent and skills pool of the creative screen industries.

Sustainability Award

To be awarded to a production company and producer, production service company and executive producer (line producer/fixer), set designers, a studio, an organisation or an association of professionals. We are looking for a campaign or initiative aimed at significantly reducing the carbon foot-print of production while enhancing the production process and maximizing screen value.

Shaker Of The Year Award

We are looking to give this prestigious award to any professional within the creative screen industries who really made an impact, a long-lasting change to the industry. This creativity can be applied to the processes of production, distribution, facilitation or financing and funding of a film, TV movie, TV series, episode, advertisement, branded content or short form.