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CCS Rights Management to host FOCUS 2021’s Producers Brunch

CCS Rights Management will sponsor FOCUS 2021’s Producers Brunch. The company specialise in music publishing and rights management. Their expertise encompass both music and audiovisual intellectual properties, such as neighbouring rights and retransmission. As a result of the Toronto-based group’s impressive portfolio, CSS’s full administrative and creative services are enjoyed by writers, artists, musicians, producers […]

Iceland opens for business

The Government of Iceland has announced that it expects to start easing restrictions on international arrivals. Modified quarantine procedures for filming in Iceland during COVID-19 have been published by the Directorate of Health and Chief Epidemiologist for Iceland.

Iceland attracts Hollywood interest as way out of production deadlock

Iceland has seen decisive action on coronavirus including rigorous testing, tracking and isolating to counter the spread of the outbreak in the country. Current restrictions are being lifted in the country that makes production feasible once again, and production giants including Netflix are eyeing the country as it plans how to resume filming activity.