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Husky Rescue films music video in Finnish forest

A music video for Finnish band Husky Rescue has been filmed in the forest region of Sipoo, near Helsinki in Finland. They Are Coming follows a young couple as they encounter a strange alien light on a forest road in the middle of the night and they attempt to escape it. Hanna Mutanen, Managing Director of and Executive Producer with Grillifilms, said: “Director Pete Riski liked the location because the road and big trees formed a perfect surrounding for this gloomy story.”

BC offers production centre and popular location doubles

British Columbia in western Canada is steadily enhancing its reputation as a media production centre. The region offers landscapes including dense forests, deserts and mountains that are frequently used to double for places such as the Middle East, Mexico, Europe and even the US, despite sharing a border with the country.

Robin Hood gets the best from UK locations for filming

Robin Hood is riding through far more than the glen for Ridley Scott’s latest epic, an action-packed account of the legend, involving sea landings, castles springing up in the woods of Surrey, and the wrong type of undergrowth. Scott called on Bill Darby, veteran of UK locations, for the film that will open this year’s Cannes Festival.

Continental Airlines ad doubles Buenos Aires for major international cities

Major commercial carrier Continental Airlines has doubled Buenos Aires for London, New York, Shanghai and Paris for its latest advert. Seamless follows a businessman as he walks across a busy urban street to a newsstand before meeting colleagues in the city. As he walks, the street behind him morphs into the different international cities to show his extensive travels.