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Planned development by Martini Film Studios could increase Greater Vancouver’s film capacity by up to 15%

Vancouver, one of North America’s busiest filming destinations, currently has two million square feet of film-ready studio space. The planned expansion by Martini Film Studios will raise the sound stage capacity of the region by fifteen percent, providing much needed state-of-the art production infrastructure to the busy region.

Bristol Film Office boasts strong numbers for 2015-16

The Bristol Film Office has released statistics regarding the amount of film and television productions shot within Bristol over the 2015-16 period. The report shows a 65% increase in location filming over the previous year, a staggering figure that aligns with the incredible success that the UK film industry as a whole has had in recent years.

Malta introduces staggering 150% tax deduction for regional productions

Malta’s Tourism Minister, Zammit Lewis has announced a brand new film incentive programme for regional productions which will provide tax credits of up to 150% of an eligible spend. The incentive has been designed to stimulate the local film industry in the wake of immense interest from international productions such as Assassin’s Creed starring Michael Fassbender.