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On location with Leslie Ann Wills-Caton, Film Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago

TLG speaks to Leslie Ann Wills-Caton, General Manager/ Film Commissioner of FilmTT Film Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago Film Company who shows some of the Caribbean island’s interesting locations, the 5-35% rebate system and what filming infrastructure is available. “A place that has rarely been seen on the big or small international screen, the opportunities […]

Behind the Scenes of Zero Tolerancia with Hafzoo in Cuba

When award-winning Austrian production company Hafzoo were approached to document a unique live recording from Cuban sing-songwriter Ray Fernandez they jumped at the chance to capture the raw energy of one of Cuba’s most celebrated performers. As well as a live recording, the crew shot a short documentary on the life of the troubadour. Director […]

Your Step-by-Step Guide For Filming in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known for many things – tea, exotic beaches, wildlife, fresh fruits, hospitality, colonial buildings and many more. Not many know that it’s also a favourite destination for moviemakers. Thanks to the size of the country coupled with varying climate and landscape, this island is a moviemakers dream says Gopi Darmaratnam, from The […]

Coen Brothers, Witherspoon and Longoria projects among 22 selected for California Film & TV Tax Credit Program

The golden state will double for Afghanistan, Mexico, China and other locales across the twenty-two selected projects and more than forty percent of the filming days are planned outside of the L.A. 30-Mile Zone. Jason Bateman produced and directed Netflix feature Here Comes the Flood has the highest tax credit allocation at USD13,777,000.